What you can expect from the first call

Our focus is on you. You can expect to be assisted in a professional manner by a judgment-free, trusted advisor. Our goal is to provide you with guidance and education to help you identify the best options for your unique situation and help you navigate the foreclosure process successfully. 

We have worked with hundreds of mortgage companies and can provide critical data and background information to assist you and your mortgage company in determining available options regarding modifications or changes to your mortgage agreement.

If you have exhausted all of your options to save your home and NEED to sell, we can help facilitate a sale on the MLS even if your home has little to no equity!

Sell your property fast and don’t worry about any type of fees. You don’t have to fix or put a single dollar into the property, we will buy it AS-IS. No questions asked. If you’d like to sell in weeks or months we can make it happen because we work around your timeframe and needs!